Module Design X8


Thickness / shore : 8 mm Shore A

Dimensions (mm) : 457 x 457 (5 tiles = 1m²) OR 497 x 497 (4 tiles ≈ 1m², only available in the Stone collection)

Fire and slip resistance : Bfl-S1 / R10 and R11

Maximum resistance:

  • 4 wheels forklits up to : 3 tons
  • 3 wheels forklits (rubber wheels) up to : 1,5 tons
  • Manual pallet truck up to : 2 tons
  • Electric pallet truck up to : 1,5 ton

Pack size / box m² : 5 tiles / box (1 m²) in 457 x 457mm format

4 tiles / box (1 m²) in 497 x 497mm format


The base layer of our Module Design tile (≃ 95% of the product) is made of 100% recycled PVC. The manufacturing process is zero waste, as all rejected tiles and excess material are recycled on site.



The refreshment of the floor of large retail stores has long been a headache. The problem is essentially the same regardless of the activity. How to limit the downtime costs of my store while proposing a performing floor to support a heavy daily traffic ?

Look no further, you have the answer in front of you with the Module Design X8 PVC tiles!

Our modular floor covering meets all the dominant themes present in a large sales area :

INSTALLATION ? The interlocking system of Module Design X8 allows a simple and fast installation zone by zone to limit the closing time of the shelves and to continue the activity!

SECURITY ? Design Module X8 has a non-slip surface texture and got a score > 36 to the pendulum test. This means a low risk of falling on wet ground.

COMFORT ? PVC tiles isolate the substrate from cold and moisture to provide a warm atmosphere. They also reduce the airborne noise of 12Db including that of the wheels of pallet trucks. And this, to ensure the tranquility of your customers to keep them as long as possible in your store.

LONGEVITY, LIFE EXPECTANCY ? Our modular flooring is ultra strong. It resists both the intensive pedestrian crossing and that of pallet trucks and stackers over 1 ton !

AESTHETICS ? Our beautiful range of wood and stone decors allows you to offer different atmospheres to highlight your products. The staging of your sales area is a fundamental criterion for improving the customer experience.

MAINTENANCE ? Very simple and effective, our tile for supermarket can be cleaned with a classic machine like a floor scrubber.

Module Design Color Chart :

  • Delivery within 10 working days for Western Europe
  • High-strength aluminum profiles available to match floor decors

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