Naxos: the indoor modular sports floor revolution is on track!

The Naxos range has been designed to offer comfort and safety while combining durability and portability, strength and aesthetics.

The small polypropylene tiles fit very simply like a puzzle. Thanks to its 7 connection points, they have a great stability on any healthy and flat surface. They are delivered in pre-locked square meter tiles to save you time on installation. Our factory marking service also makes it possible to create sports markings from the product design stage. And allow you to use the product once the installation is complete ! No more long drying times before you can finally play on the sports floor.

The mat surface of our indoor sports floor Naxos avoids reflections. And its micro-texture guarantees a very high level of adhesion allowing the practice of many sports.

The range has three levels of performance:

  • Naxos Sport Evolution: polypropylene tiles combined with a 4mm underlay for sporty comfort.
  • Naxos Air Evolution: Polypropylene tiles combined with a 6mm “air cushion” underlay to provide improved rebound quality. They are ideal for ball sports like Basketball or Handball.
  • Naxos Master: polypropylene tiles incorporating a rubber underlay directly under the product, easy and quick installation!

Discover our Naxos range:

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