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Module Urban


Thickness : 6,5 mm

Dimensions (mm) : 579 x 579

Fire and slip resistance : Bfl-S1 / R9

Maximum resistance:

  • 4 wheels forklits up to : 3 tons
  • 3 wheels forklits (rubber wheels) up to : 1,5 tons
  • Manual pallet truck up to : 2 tons
  • Electric pallet truck up to : 1,5 ton

Pack size / box mÂČ : 3 tiles / box (1,04 mÂČ)


The base layer of our Module Urban tile (≃ 95% of the product) is made of 100% recycled PVC. The manufacturing process is zero waste, as all rejected tiles and excess material are recycled on site.


Sometimes renovating your floor of you retail stores requires finding the right balance between performance and aesthetics. Especially in heavily stressed areas. Stop looking for compromise! The Module Urban tiles allow you to combine both options for a quick and sustainable renovation of your shops. And this, without stopping your activity since the tiles can come over your existing support. No more endless preparations generating dust and waste.

The concrete decor of the Module Urban tiles allows you to hide the junctions as well as any dirt strewn on the floor of your shops.

Its large format, the design of its locking system and the realism of its concrete decor allow to create a homogeneous area. Once the PVC tiles have been installed, it becomes difficult to guess that it is a modular floor. While enjoying its many advantages. It is indeed possible to replace a Module Urban tile quickly and without technical knowledge. This is very practical in the event of an accident! And therefore, no need for glue during installation. It is also the guarantee of an economic and ecological renovation of your floor.

For your customers, our Module Urban floor covering considerably improves the sensorial comfort of your sales area. It makes it possible to reduce noise and also to make them benefit from real comfort when walking compared to a harder floor. And above all, it insulates from the cold to make your visitors want to stay longer and thus potentially increase your turnover potential.

The Module Urban PVC tiles also have a very high mechanical resistance. Its 0.7mm wear layer reinforced with fiberglass allows the trafic of trolleys up to 1.2 tonnes without any problem!

Module Urban color chart:

  • Delivery within 10 working days

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