Outdoor sport

Among the possible applications of our modular floor coverings, discover their advantages for outdoor sports in terms of shock absorption and water evacuation.

Multi-use game areas

Futsal / Football fields

Basketball courts

Handball fields

Roller track

Tennis courts

Badminton courts

Volleyball courts

Patmos Master: the only modular outdoor sports floor with integrated shock absorption and water drainage system in each tile!

The puddles will be only distant memories with Patmos. Thanks to the high drainage capacity of our outdoor sports floor, the game surface can be used only minutes after a rain. In addition, the micro-texture of the tiles allows maximum adhesion of the floor. And its mat finish avoids reflections not to dazzle the athletes.

Patmos is the only modular floor offering vertical and lateral shock absorption. Check out the latest in the Patmos series: Patmos Master. Its integrated under layer is a real feat and a blessing for the health of athletes. The comfort it provides thus reduces the risk of injury. And the installation is done so much faster while tolerating the few imperfections of the support.

15 years warranty for each product offered !

Our Outdoor sport flooring