Module Décor Clic5



Thickness / shore and European class : 5,2 mm, class 34/43

Thickness of the wear layer : 0,55 mm

Fire and slip resistance : Bfl-S1 / R9

Dimensions (mm) :

  • Tiles (stone decors) : 601,6 x 296,8 mm
  • Planks (wood decors) : 1.211,2 x 169,8 mm

Maximum resistance :

  • Intense pedestrian trafic
  • Light trolleys and pallet trucks

Pack size / box m²:

  • 12 tiles/ box (2,142 m²)
  • 10 planks / box (2,057 m²)
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What makes Module Decor Clic5 rigid floors so unique ?

Because it is a composite vinyl floor that could be called “plastic-stone”. It combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely strong hard core. This allows it to guarantee total impermeability and improves the stability of the product. Our floor becomes so hard as stone!

The Module Decor Clic5 can therefore be installed even in water-sensitive environments. Like a bathroom, a laundry or a restaurant. Its high density panel is very useful in areas subject to sudden temperature changes. For example, when cutting air conditioning in a room deemed by being very hot.

In addition Module Decor Clic5 incorporates an acoustic underlay on the back of the product that reduces the ambient noise of the room by 18 db ! You benefit from acoustic comfort with ease, all without effort or extra cost. The installation of the flooring is also done very quickly thanks to its interlocking system. This limits the downtime of your premises. The integrated underlayer also covers the slight defects of the support, thus limiting the preparatory work for major repairs.

8 stone or wood decors are available in stock. They are all protected by a 0.55mm wear layer and a PU (Polyurethane) treatment that makes cleaning easier!

Module Decor Clic5 Color Chart :

  • Delivery within 5 working days for Western Europe

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Informations Techniques

Épaisseur et couche d’usure : 

  • Module DECOR CLIC 55 : 6 mm et 0,55 mm
  • Module DECOR CLIC 40 : 5 mm et 0,40 mm

Classement Européen :

  • Module DECOR CLIC 55 : 33-42
  • Module DECOR CLIC 40 : 23-32

Classement feu et glissance : Bfl-S1 / R10

Dimensions (mm) :

  • Module DECOR CLIC 55 :
    • Dalles : 450 x 908 mm
    • Lames : 177,8 x 1212,8 mm
    • Lames XL : 234,9 x 1517,6 mm
  • Module DECOR CLIC 40 :
    • Dalles : 300 x 600 mm
    • Lames : 180 x 1220 mm

Coloris - DECOR CLIC 55

Coloris - DECOR CLIC 40

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