Among the possible applications of our modular floor tiles, discover their efficiency for shops, supermarkets, and storage areas.

PVC tiles for supermarkets revolutionize the way to renovate your stores !

You want to modernize the floor of your shop or your back store ? Or just staging it ? And without having to close it for a long time?

It is possible ! With Module Design, we have the solution to answer your requests. No need for expensive preparations, our PVC tiles are directly covering the existing ceramic. As well as any other existing support as long as it is in good shape, plan and solid. They also contribute to the comfort of your customers by isolating the support from cold and humidity. While decreasing the ambient noise.

For the storage area, Module Factory is the ideal solution to protect a dusty concrete from daily attacks of pallet trucks. In addition, this is not a problem for maintenance. To remove and replace a PVC tile damaged by a possible accident takes only a few minutes.

Finally, for smaller shops, Module Decor or Module Retail offer a wide variety of unique decors and colors.

Because Modularity rhymes with creativity!

Our PVC tiles for shops and supermarkets