Module Fitness Max X43


Thickness / shore : 43 mm Shore A

Dimensions (mm) : 1000 x 1000 (1 tile = 1m²)

Fire and slip resistance : Efl-S1 / R10

Weight : 26kg/m2

Sound absorption
: 24dB

Pack size / box m² : 
 per tile


Our Module Fitness MAX X43 tile has a reduced environmental impact. This is due to the fact that it is manufactured by reusing used tires and thus incorporating a high percentage of recycled materials (>95% recycled rubber).



The floor of your gym requires an investment similar to the comfort expected by the sportsmen who use it !

Module Fitness Max X43 is a protective tile that will meet the most demanding needs . While guaranteeing you a sustainable investment over time. Our rubber floor is well suited for areas requiring good cushioning such as weight rooms, weight training or gym.

They create a homogeneous flooring especially indicated for areas subject to high abrasion wear. The flexibility and strength of its material are its main characteristics. And allow to cushion the fall of dumbbells but also to provide a comfortable use for athletes.

The profiled base under the tiles gives it excellent acoustic insulation properties. It dampens and absorbs sounds. They also allow the installation of cables under the tiles. Ideal for densely populated urban environments such as a gym located in a mixed-purpose building (housing, offices).

We advise you to glue the tiles together (not on the ground) with Module Fitness Max rubber glue (supplied on demand). Rubber tiles and substrate must be dry.

Depending on the humidity, you must wait 24 hours before you can walk on the tiles. A glue tube allows you to install about 10-12m2.

Module Fitness Max Color Chart:

  • Delivery within 10 working days in black for Western Europe
  • Delivery within 15 working days in grey, green and red for Western Europe
  • Ramps and angles not available

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Coloris / Colors

Colorisation du caoutchouc recyclé noir SBR. Couleurs et photos non contractuelles. Fluctuation possible de teintes entre les dalles et les fabrications. Si couleurs RAL, nous contacter.

Documentes téléchargeables / Documents to download

Fiche Technique – Module FITNESS MAX

Data sheet – Module FITNESS MAX