Module Factory Antistatic X7


Thickness / shore : 7 mm Shore A

Dimensions (mm) : 500 x 500 (4 tiles = 1m²)

Fire and slip resistance : Bfl-S1 / R10

Maximum resistance :

  • 4 wheels forklits up to : 2,5 tons
  • 3 wheels forklits (rubber wheels): up to : 1,5 tons
  • Manual pallet truck up to : 1,5 tons
  • Electric pallet truck up to : 1 ton

Electrical resistance : 10^9 Ω (Antistatic)

Pack size / box m² : 8 tiles / box (2 m²)



Our PVC tiles are made from raw materials specially designed to dissipate static electricity. It is particularly suitable in areas where equipment, components or employees need to be protected from the risk of electric discharges.

It should not be confused with our ESD Module ESD X7 PVC tiles. Because the technical characteristics of each product are distinct. And they do not perform the same electrical resistance.

What need does our antistatic tile meet?

It helps to secure the premises and avoids the physiological inconvenience for your employees. In concrete terms, our PVC tile reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge.

In other words, the electric shock that occurs during a contact between two conductive elements. This is for example the case when the human body is in contact with another conductive element (metal, electrical component, other human body, etc.). To avoid this, our Module Factory AS X7 will dissipate the electrical charges that accumulate in the soles of shoes. Because they are insulating and do not allow them to escape.

Our PVC tiles meets the IEC 61340-5-1: 2016 standard and is available in more than 11 colors.

As an option, the factory-integrated PU Defender Antistatic surface protection protects PVC slabs from chemical attack and facilitates the maintenance of slabs.

As an option, the factory-integrated PU Defender protects PVC tiles from chemical attack and helps cleaning.

Module Factory AS color chart :

  • Delivery within 10 working days in Western Europe for light and dark grey.
  • Other colors : consult us.
  • Ramps and angles available for all colors.

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