Industry and transport

Among the possible applications of our modular floor tiles, discover their efficiency for industry and transport.

Renovate quickly your warehouse with our PVC tiles for industry and transport !

Your floor is in the front line and suffers from daily assault generated by your activity. To prevent it from deteriorating and harming the continuation of your operations, it must be strengthened ! What solution to do it without stopping production?

The rigidity of Industrial Module Factory tiles will be your best ally. Thanks to their exceptional mechanical resistance, you will be able to drive with several tons engines without having to glue them. Floor preparation is also minimal and avoids generating dust during renovation.

In addition, the anti-slip finish of our PVC tiles reduces the risk of your employees slipping in order to offer them a secured environment. Do you want to change your organization to improve your productivity? Our PVC tiles will be the best partner of your creativity since they fit together easily. For example, they make it possible to create plots or alleys of different color. Then unlock and replace them just as easily!

Because Modularity rhymes with efficiency!

Our PVC tiles for Industry and transport