Module Print, Print your floor to your image!

Imagine a custom floor that would give you the freedom to rearrange your spaces quickly and easily. Imagine that same floor can allow you to develop and define your custom appearance. Module Print offers you this possibility ! To print a high quality image on modular PVC tiles regardless of the thickness.

And thus to provide a tailored solution to industrial wishing to tag the alleys of the warehouse to secure them. Or dangerous areas with a custom message. While at the same time improving operational efficiency.

It may also be suitable for retailers who want to showcase products, services and themes in an original way. Or in a more “Corporate” way by printing their logo.

Or just a garage dealer who simply would like to find a more aesthetic and durable alternative to painting. Whether to materialize on the floor zebras  doors and traffic areas prohibited to vehicles. Or materialize storage locations.

We offer as standard the printing of various kind of pictograms (warning, fire, prohibition, obligation) as well as the zebra tiles ! Do not hesitate to ask us

Our factory-integrated PU Defender will protect the print for a long lasting experience.

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