Naxos Air Evolution


Standard : Approved EN 14904 as well as by the following federations:

  • ITTF : International Table Tennis Federation
  • IHF : International Handball Federation
  • ITF : International Tennis Federation
  • FPB : Portuguese / Spanish Basketball Federation
  • FPP : Portuguese Skating Federation
  • FPH : Portuguese Hockey Federation

Warranty : 15 years

Dimensions (mm) : 250 x 250 x 11

Underlayer : 6mm

Compatibility with paint : very good (factory made marking possible)

Packaging : delivered in large pre-locked tiles of 1m² (16 tiles). Under layer 6mm: 18.30m² roll


Your indoor sports floor begins to be tired ? And you do not want to invest on a major renovation ? Naxos Air Evolution is the ideal solution to quickly and easily renew the floor of your gymnasium ! Naxos is a high performance modular floor for indoor use, secure, durable, aesthetic and economical.

First, Naxos tiles are produced in a unique polypropylene copolymer formulation. This gives them a high mechanical resistance to impact. And thus guarantees the durability of the product. To offer you a real guarantee of 15 years !

Combined with the special “Air Evolution” air cushion underlay, Naxos Air Evolution guarantees optimal playing conditions.

After orthopedic and biomechanical tests, we decided to equip our indoor sports floor with a rubber underlay specially designed to bring more comfort to the athletes. And protects their joints as well as the lower back. It also acts as an acoustic mat to minimize impact sound.

Naxos air evolution

Its innovative design and especially its air cushion absorbs shocks. To guarantee the best results for the bounce of the ball. Naxos Sport evolution is rated P2 level for shock absorption according to EN 14808. This reduces the risk of tendonitis or fatigue fractures. The benefit of this solution is increased athlete protection and exceptional comfort. To support them daily in the search for better sports performances for each sport.

Simple and quick to install and uninstall, Naxos Sport Evolution allows the use of space for other activities if needed. No attachment accessories are required.
✓ Easy and simple repairs : in case of damage to the floor, simply replace the damaged slab.
✓ The rubber underlay provides more comfort to the athletes to allow them to perform better.

Naxos Air Evolution Color Chart :

  • Field design on request
  • Ramps and angles available

Colors in stock:

Ral 6032 (Signal Green)
Ral 5012 (Light Blue)
Ral 5005 (Signal Blue)
Ral 3020 (Traffic red)
Ral 2004 (Pure Orange)
Ral 1018 (Yellow Zinc)

20 other RAL colors available on request, contact us!

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