Module Kidz


Dimensions (mm) : 500 x 500 (4 tiles = 1m²), 500×1000, 1000×1000

Fall height : respecte norm EN1177 for each thickness

Weights :

  • 30mm : 21kg/m² (also in Aqua version, fall height = 1 meter)
  • 40mm : 26kg/m2 (fall height = 1,2 meter)

Thickness up to 90mm, consult us.

Resistance to UV
: Yes

Slip resistance
: Yes

Pack size / box m² : per tile


The base layer of our Module Kidz tile (≃ 95% of the product) is made of 100% recycled PVC. The manufacturing process is zero waste, as all rejected tiles and excess material are recycled on site.


You want to renovate the floor of your playground easily and quickly ? While building child safety as a priority ? Module Kidz is the perfect solution to meet your expectations ! The damping properties of the Module Kidz tiles, as well as their flexible installation, make it possible to answer effectively to these problems.

While ensuring optimal playing comfort, the high elasticity of the rubber cushions the falls and provides a pleasant walking sensation. The tranquility of the companions is not forgotten either ! Because Module Kidz tiles reduce impact and running noises. To keep the tranquility of the environment as much as possible.

The high quality of Module Kidz’s raw materials allows the tiles to withstand the effects of frost, sun and bad weather over time. The high density of its granular surface also prevents the formation of puddles. This decreases the risk of falling after a shower.

For iots installation, pre-assembled factory connectors from 30mm make installation easier. And this saves time and avoids the dislocation of the tiles.

Module Kidz is also available:

  • In letter, numbers and patterns tiles: they are particularly suitable for playgrounds, schools and nurseries. A very educational tool to awaken on subjects such as farming, the stars or the sea.
  • Aqua version : for wet playgrounds, water parks and water jets. Module Kidz Aqua is extremely non-slip thanks to its granular surface. And has a high resistance to abrasion, UV, chlorine and salt water. In addition, the tiles dries quickly!

Module Kidz Color Chart :

  • Delivery within 15 to 20 working days for Western Europe.
  • Ramps and angles available for all colors and thicknesses.
  • Colors: available in black, grey, red, bleu and green. Other EPDM colors, contact us.
  • Tiles exist in letters, numbers and patterns. Contact us for colors.

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Noir Gris Rouge Vert



Rampe dalle carré Rampe dalle demi-carré



Épaisseur : 50mm

Dimensions (mm) : 500×500

Poids : 22,4 kg/mÇ (5,6kg/dalle)

Composition : Caoutchouc EPDM

Résistance chimique : Résistance au chlore et à l’eau salée

Stabilité aux UVs : Haute résistance aux UVs

Hauteur de chute : hauteur de chute certifiée de 0,9m

Propriétés anti-dérapant grâce à sa surface granulaire et séchage rapide


RAL 5014

Bleu Ciel

RAL 5015

Bleu Turquoise

RAL 5018

Bleu Capri

RAL 5019

Bleu Sarcelle

RAL 5024

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