Module Sport : the interlocking sports floor for demanding athletes !

Discover our sports modular floors as exclusive as they are distinctive and some of the best sports games have been played on them.

Still reluctant? What if we told you that our tiles are ready to absorb the impacts, reduce injuries and minimize player fatigue? And that thanks to the addition of an innovative underlayment. The last two of the range, Naxos Master and Patmos Master even include a rubber underlay under the tiles to make installation even easier and faster.

Our floor has been designed to offer comfort and safety to those who play. Our different products combine durability and portability as well as strength and aesthetics.

The Patmos ranges are suitable for outdoor sports use and the Naxos ranges for indoor sports use.

And finally to convince you, our sports floor does not require any particular cleaning protocol: maintenance costs are minimal or non-existent ! Best of all, we offer you a 15-year warranty for each modular floors. An additional proof of seriousness and longevity.

It is time to discover our Sport Module range: