Module Factory, the industrial flooring range made of high resistance PVC tiles designed by and for the industry !

No more dusty endless jobs requiring repeated stops. Forget the industrial flooring that dictates its constraints. The installation of our Module Factory PVC tiles will not interfere with your daily operation.

Another advantage is that our PVC tiles can be used to cover uneven, damp and dusty floors with little or no preparation.

And this, even in areas where trolleys and pallet trucks of several tons are in constant circulation!

No gluing is necessary in most cases.

The Industrial Module Factory flooring will also help improve the safety of your plant and will allow to identify and secure your traffic and work areas with our many colors.

All our tiles have an anti-slip R10 finish that reduces the risk of falling.

The comfort of your employees is also at the center of your concerns like ours. Not only our Module Factory tiles significantly reduce ambient dust and protect the support, but they also improve the acoustics of the room. They reduce ambient noise such as falling objects or rolling traffic.

Discover our Module Factory range:

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