Module Factory Heavy X9


Thickness / shore : 9 mm Shore D

Dimensions (mm) : 500 x 500 (4 tiles = 1m²)

Fire and slip resistance : Bfl-S1 / R10

Maximum resistance :

  • 4 wheels forklits up to: 6,5 tons
  • 3 wheels forklits (rubber wheels) up to: 3,5 tons
  • Manual pallet truck up to: 2 tons
  • Electric pallet truck up to: 2 tons

Pack size / box m² : 6 tiles / b. (1,5 m²)



You want to renovate your industrial floor but can not put your activity on hold? Our Module Factory Heavy X9 PVC tile are required !

No need to move your machines, our modular industrial flooring can be installed directly on your existing support around them. It does not matter whether it’s concrete, resin or ceramic ! It can be installed on top of any existing floors as long as they are even, cohesive and stable. The installation is simple and only takes a few hours. It can be scalable and the renovation can be done zone by zone to adapt to your schedules.

The secret of our tiles ? It is made from a rigid PVC which gives it a resistance to rolling machines up to 6.5 tons! This allows our tiles to withstand the traffic of most vehicles such as pallet trucks, electric stackers and even Fenwick loaded with several tons.

The X-joint interlocking greatly improves the performance of the PVC tiles making them at the same time more aesthetic. The quality of the junction prevents them from breaking caused by heavy machinery.

As an option, the factory-integrated PU Defender protects PVC tiles from chemical attack and helps cleaning.

Module Factory color chart :

  • Delivery within 10 working days in Western Europe.
  • Ramps and angles available for all colors.
  • Colors: available in Black, Light Grey and Dark Grey in rigid quality. All  other colors in standard quality.

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