Garages and workshops

Among the possible applications of our modular floor tiles, discover their resistance for garages and workshops.

PVC tiles for garage resist to vehicles weighing more than 4 tonnes!

Looking for the cheapest solution to protect the floor of your garage or showroom? Look no further, we have one that suits your needs! The discreet interlocking of Module Garage tiles allows a quick and modern renovation of your garage. Their robust composition insulates them from the cold while reducing the mechanical and sound impact of falling tools and spare parts. The extreme resistance of Module Factory will perfectly cope with very heavy vehicles (utilities, trucks, etc.). And make them suitable for technical centers or bus depot.

As an option, the factory-integrated PU Defender surface protects the PVC tiles from engine oils and brake fluid and is highly recommended. It significantly reduces rubber migration and helps with cleaning. Maintenance is easy since replacing and changing a damaged PVC tile is very fast and requires no technical skill. This also makes it possible to change the colors of the floor according to the needs of your workshop.

Because Modularity rhymes with practicality !

Module Garage X7mm

Our PVC tiles for Garages and workshops