Module Fitness Classic : Used tires are back in shape!

Your laminate flooring is in poor condition? The floor of your fitness room requires the same attention as that given to athletes who will use it! For this, it is essential that the material used in the composition of the floor is adapted to the daily constraints of a gym.

Our Module Fitness Classic flooring is all made of rubber. Because this raw material has two fundamental advantages. It is flexible and thus provides a real comfort to athletes. And it also dampens the fall of objects, such as weights and dumbells.

Our fitness tile has a reduced environmental impact. Because its manufacture incorporates a high percentage of recycled materials. (> 80% recycled tires)

Our rubber tiles have excellent sound characteristics up to – 17 dB of room sound reduction for Module Fitness Classic X8mm.

The high resistance to wear and shock of rubber tiles and its anti-slip surface make it an ideal ally for demanding athletes. Module Fitness Classic X8 module can equip cardio areas and all traffic and machinery zones. And for the installation, nothing more simple, a simple interlocking system is available to lock the tiles!

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