Module Garage, renovate the floor of your garage without closing it thanks to our PVC tiles !

Your floor is stained by grease, oil or gasoline and is degrading quickly ? We understood that your time is precious and that your business must pursue its activity.

Our PVC Garage Module tiles are here to help you!

The modularity of our flooring is a significant advantage: your work can continue during the installation of PVC tiles.

How to make this possible? The installation of the floor can be done each car deck after the other and zone-by-zone since the locking system is very simple and fast to use. And this offers you incomparable flexibility in the planning of renovation work.

Discover them on video:

In addition, our PVC tiles will cover your existing support to prevent the dispersion of dust in your room before, during and after the work.

The flexibility of the tiles allows them to cover humid, greasy and dusty substrates. It is also possible to install them on different kind of existing floors such as concrete, bitumen or ceramic. As long as they are even, flat and cohesive.

And here is the argument that will definitely convince you to go for our solution: the installation of our Module Garage floor tiles requires little or no support preparation beforehand. Which means saving time and saving money. If you choose for an installation of our PVC tiles by your care, nothing more simple, they are also very easy to install!

Discover our Garage Module range:

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