Module Design : The high performance decorative PVC tile to renovate your supermarket without dust and closure !

Generate operating loss during refurbishment works. These few words thrill all managers of large retail stores and reason to their ears as a nightmare.

Good news, thanks to our Module Design supermarket floor, the activity of your store can continue during its renovation ! So you avoid loss of turnover and unsatisfied customers.

How is it possible ? The preparation work being reduced to a minimum, the PVC tiles can be installed in a few hours, zone by zone and shelves by shelves. Without significantly disrupting the shopping journey of your customers.

In addition to offering a quick and easy installation, the hidden and robust interlocking system of our PVC tiles withstands an electric pallet truck of more than one ton without any prior gluing.

Discover it without delay in video:

With regard to daily floor maintenance, the surface of our PVC tiles makes them very easy to clean with a traditional self-cleaning machine thanks to its revolutionary PU treatment ! The latter is also treated in depth to ensure stability of the shoe and avoid falls. Depending on the decors, our modular floor has a high performance anti-slip capacity, up to R11 certified !

Discover our Module Design range, the ideal solution to quickly and sustainably renovate the floor of your supermarket.

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