Naxos Master


Standard : Approved EN 14904 as well as by the following federations :

  • ITTF : International Table Tennis Federation
  • IHF : International Handball Federation
  • ITF : International Tennis Federation
  • FPB : Portuguese / Spanish Basketball Federation
  • FPP : Portuguese Skating Federation
  • FPH : Portuguese Hockey Federation

Warranty : 15 years

Dimensions (mm) : 250 x 250 x 11

Underlayer : 5mm

Compatibility with paint : very good (factory made marking possible)

Packaging : delivered in large pre-locked tiles of 1m² (16 tiles). Integrated underlayer in the back of the tile


It was under the guidance of sports professionals from all walks of life, athletes, coaches and doctors that the Naxos Master indoor sports floor was developed. This latest generation technology is truly unique in the market. Indeed, it is a modular flooring with an air cushion shock absorption system incorporated in each tile !

First of all, this innovative product construction makes it possible to absorb the small irregularities of the support. And also to marry the slight asperities. Once delivered in large tiles of one square meter, the installation is done very quickly. It allows you to immediately use your play area.

In addition to being specifically designed to cushion the athlete’s footsteps, its integrated underlay has many benefits.

It reduces the noise caused by the practice of the sport and by the ball. The rubber shock absorption system is attached to the polypropylene module at just 4 connection points. This facilitates the assembly, disassembly and replacement, if necessary, of the floor of your sports fields.

The safety of the sportsmen is fundamental in the sport and it is necessary to drive absolutely the humidity out. What Naxos Master openings do perfectly. And allow the air to circulate thus reinforcing the grip of the floor.

Naxos Master is THE best option to bring extra comfort to your play areas. Thanks to it, even the bounce of the ball has not been neglected !

Naxos Air Evolution Color Chart :

  • Field design on request
  • Ramps and angles available

Colors in stock:

Ral 6032 (Signal Green)
Ral 5012 (Light Blue)
Ral 5005 (Signal Blue)
Ral 3020 (Traffic red)
Ral 2004 (Pure Orange)
Ral 1018 (Yellow Zinc)

20 other RAL colors available on request, contact us!

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