Module Solid – Hexagon


Thickness : 50 mm / Recycled: 40 mm

Dimensions (mm) : 630 x 575 (4 tiles = 1,08m²) / Recycled: 460 x 460 mm (7 tiles = 1,03m2)

Fire resistance : Efl-S1

Weight: 10,5kg/m² (basic) ; 11,5kg/m² (premium); 11,9kg/m² (recycled)

Thermal resistance: -30ºC / +60ºC

Resistant to UV:

Slip resistance : Yes

Warranty : 5 years


This range also exists in 100% recycled PVC. The manufacture is done without waste, as all rejected tiles and excess material are recycled on site. The recycled range is only available in grey and brown.


Do you want to carry out heavy work such as building a swimming pool while protecting the existing environment? Or build an ultra-resistant floor as quickly as possible for an event?

Our Module Solid tile is the ideal construction solution for creating a temporary or permanent floor. And that is sufficiently resistant to high mechanical loads. While allowing quick and easy installation on all types of fields. Indeed, the installation rate per person can go up to 100 m2 per hour!

Module Solid tiles can be installed on difficult areas such as sand and grass. The Module Solid flooring system is a solid, flexible and easy-to-install floor to protect the floor with high durability.

Module Solid is available in two different models: Basic and superior.

The hexagonal design provides exceptionally strong locking in six directions.

Module Solid is made from solid plastic (HDPE), developed for the UN for emergency and conflict zones. Its flexibility and resistance make these floor protection tiles perfect for temporary storage. And even to build temporary roads where heavy vehicles can circulate.

Benefits :

  • Robust floor that can be installed on all types of outdoor surfaces, even sand, soil, grass and ice.
  • It adapts to the support and no preliminary work is necessary.
  • It can withstand very heavy loads such as trucks, machines and cars.
  • Module Solid is easy to install and move.


  • Warehouses and tents.
  • Outdoor events and concert halls.
  • Temporary car parks
  • Temporary roads which also allow the circulation of heavy vehicles. (e.g. construction work).
  • As a sub-floor for sports arenas.
  • Protection of existing surfaces.
  • Events on ice.

Solid Module color chart:

  • Delivery within 15 business days for Western Europe

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