Fitness and cross fit

Among the possible uses of our modular floor tiles, discover their ability to protect and absorb falls for sports and fitness.

Bulk up the performance of your floors for Fitness and Cross fit !

Falling dumbbells or disks in weightlifting room or Cross-fit? Grouped course of zumba, bodypump or RPM? Intensive use of cardio machines, bicycles or rower machines?

In addition to protecting your support from everyday aggression, you need to choose the right floor for each practice. The aim is to improve both the comfort and safety of athletes so that they can achieve optimal performance.

Our Fitness and Martial Arts tiles are made from the most suitable material for every need.

  • The rubber from Module Fitness Classic to protect gyms from daily wear and improve ambient noise.
  • The rubber density of Module Fitness Max to withstand falls of weight up to 160 kg. Each foot finds its ground.

Because Modularity rhymes with tonicity !

Our modular floors for Fitness and gymnasium