Revamp the floor of your business without stopping it with our Module Retail PVC tiles !

No more compromises between the pursuit of your business and the beautification of your sales area. The installation of our Module Retail PVC tiles is done in a few hours and does not require interruption of your activity. Their ease of installation allows your customers to continue their shopping during the renovation work by installing tiles zone by zone.

The high quality of their design in a single homogeneous block allows a direct installation of our PVC tiles on different kind of supports: concrete, tiles, epoxy resin, existing PVC floor, etc …

… with little or no preparation of the existing floor !

Our PVC tiles come in two interlocking versions:

  • Puzzle (Classic and Solid), very resistant to loads and therefore ideal for dealing with daily traffic.
  • Or Hidden joints (Hidden), perfectly adapted to an intense pedestrian traffic for an aesthetic rendering imitating the finish of ceramic tiles !

Module Retail is the modular floor that integrates the constraints of daily business. And has a wide range of nice colors to bring clarity and warm tones to your sales area.

Discover our Retail Module range with no notice :

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