Patmos: Sports and drainage performances like never before seen outdoors!

The outdoor sports floor Patmos was designed to improve the practice of outdoor sports. Its quick and convenient installation does not require any prior technical knowledge. The tiles are delivered already pre-assembled in a square of one meter on a meter which saves even more time! The installation is then done just by assembling them together.

In addition, the product is very simple to replace if you want to change it with new colors. You just need to unlock and lock the new tile. This generates very little maintenance cost.

Patmos flooring benefits from efficient drainage thanks to its honeycomb structure. Its anti-slip surface finish makes it possible to play very quickly after a passing rain while maintaining optimal safety conditions.

The small square tiles that form the outer modular floor also have low levels of abrasion. This allows us to guarantee our outdoor sports floor Patmos for 15 years!

The range has two levels of performance:

  • Patmos Evolution : polypropylene tiles for a quick and economical renovation of your sports field.
  • Patmos Master : polypropylene tiles with integrated rubber underlay for improved game conditions !

Discover our Patmos range :

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