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Discover the advantages of our modular floor tiles to design all your outdoors like a terrace, a balcony, etc.



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Arrange your exterior with ease with our Outdoor Module Floors tiles !

Tired of wetting your feet in puddles? Our tiles are designed to cope with delicate weather conditions thanks to its open format allowing exceptional drainage. The Module Air range is ideal for parking spaces as well as all outdoor fixtures, temporary or not. In addition to withstanding industrial constraints, Module Air tiles can be driven up to 3 tonnes per m² ! They allow the circulation of vehicles, while also allowing the grass to express itself and continue to grow.

In search of originality? Discover the Terrasse Module range that combines a wide variety of colors while maintaining a neat aesthetic appearance. Our tiles make it possible to renovate your terrace, balcony or swimming pool outline very simply. Indeed, its locking system makes the installation very easy to perform since only one day is sufficient. In addition, no specific tool or technical knowledge is required to complete the installation.

These two collections have the common characteristic of resisting both frost and intense heat. They can be installed in any outdoor environment without any constraints.

Because Modularity rhymes with pleasure to decorate !

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