Healthcare and education

Among the possible applications of our modular floor tiles, discover their advantages for the medical and school environment.

Caring for the hospital environment with our dedicated floors contributes to patient recovery !

This requires providing the best conditions conducing to well-being and fulfillment. Reduce the sound when walking to recover in peace. Decorate the living spaces with modern and shimmering decors. Allow quick and easy cleaning of the floor thanks to surface protection. It is also necessary to have a very resistant floor to improve the feeling of comfort as well as the longevity of the product. So many features that our floors have for hospitals and education. Being particularly adapted for these premises, they will make you use them more pleasant everyday.

And what about installation ? Nothing more simple, discover our ranges of PVC tiles and planks, as well as their ease of installation. The new Module Decor Clic5  range has the advantage of being snapped very quickly. The range provides a wide offer of  very convincing wood decors but also tiles formats imitating ceramics for bathrooms. Its built-in acoustic underlay also allows it to reduce ambient noise while improving the walking sound of 18db.

Because Modularity rhymes with tranquility!

Module Décor GL Hôpital

Our PVC floors for Healthcare and education