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Module Retail X5


Thickness / shore: 5 mm Shore A 95 (Recycled : Shore A82)

Dimensions (mm) : 500 x 500 (4 tiles = 1mÂČ)

Fire and slip resistance : Bfl-S1 / R10

Maximum resistance:

  • 4 wheels forklits up to : 2 tons (Recycled PVC : up to 1 ton)
  • 3 wheels forklits (rubber wheels) up to : no available
  • Manual pallet truck up to : 0,5 ton (Recycled PVC : up to 0,5 ton)
  • Electric pallet truck up to : 2 tons (Recycled PVC : up to 1,5 ton)

Pack size / box mÂČ: 10 tiles / box (2,5 m2)


This range also exists in 100% recycled PVC. The manufacture is done without waste, as all rejected tiles and excess material are recycled on site. The recycled range is only available in black and dark grey.


Orange, yellow, blue, green, beige, these are colors that do not go unnoticed and that will allow you to stand out! The design of our PVC tiles is as unique as your store.

With always the same goal to attract even more customers curious to discover the new look of your shop. With the ultimate goal to generate traffic. The modularity of our flooring also allows color mixing. You can combine as many as you like and in all possible forms. Whether it is a checkerboard installation, stripes or a one color area, everything is possible!

The discreet puzzle interlocking system of our Module Retail Classic X5 tiles reinforces the feeling of uniformity of the installation. While bringing a unique touch to the floor of your store. The warm aesthetic rendering of our PVC tiles will warm your environment as much as it will isolate it from the cold.

Our PVC tiles also reduce the ambient noise of your premises to make it more pleasant to discover. And less noisy for your customers. So that they feel comfortable staying as long as possible among you. Module Retail tiles are the perfect match for your store!

Module Retail color chart :

  • Delivery within 10 working days in Western Europe for light grey, dark grey and black.
  • Delivery within 15 working days in Western Europe for colors.
  • Ramps and angles available for all colors.

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