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The two solutions for personalising your floor covering can be applied to the following ranges:

These systems can be used for marketing and safety purposes, including printing your brand image or pictograms. They can also be used to create signage, such as danger zones, passageways or handling areas.

Design print


Quick and easy printing of your floor coverings!

Frescoes, images, photos, logos, pictograms – there are no limits to the creativity of your floor. And it’s totally up to you. The modularity of our PVC tile flooring, combined with the customisation of its decor, offers you unique opportunities for design and decoration. The key word? INCOMPARABLE!

First of all, printing your floor is just as easy as installing it. There’s no limit to your imagination, because printing can be done on a single floor tile (0.25m²). Or on dozens or even hundreds of tiles.

Module Print opens up a wide range of possibilities for your floor communication. Whether you want to illustrate and showcase your brand image. Or to make your workplace safer, anything is possible! Don’t hesitate to ask us for the INRS safety pictograms if you want to use them on your workspace floor. Or contact us to discuss the feasibility of your project.


  • Send us a high quality print image (minimum 300 DPI) in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Indicate whether the image is to be embedded in a PVC tile floor or a printed tile carpet with (or without) ramps and corners.
  • And complete your file with the surface to be printed, ideally illustrated with a diagram so that your ideas also become our project!

The anti-slip sticker for your floor!

Stickers - Module Print

Your PVC flooring can also be personalised with marking stickers. This industrial adhesive tape is a durable alternative to resin or paint systems for personalising your floor. Available in a range of designs, including geometric shapes, letters, numbers and feet, and in a variety of colours.

The adhesives are packaged in rolls 50, 75 or 100 mm wide and 30 m long. With a diameter of 430 mm, they are made from a semi-rigid, self-adhesive plastic film. White, yellow and black and yellow floor marking tapes are available in rolls of 50 mm x 30 m. Couleurs stickers - Module Print

Installation is quick and easy, simply removing the protective backing and applying the adhesive directly where you want it. Unlike resin and paint, there’s no need to prepare the floor, and this solution emits no emissions that are hazardous to health.

As with printing, it can be used to illustrate and showcase your brand image, or to secure high-traffic areas (mechanical or pedestrian) without damaging it, so that it retains all its effectiveness and colour.

Please contact us to find out about the availability of each model and its colour.

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