Module Terrace


Thickness and shore : 10 mm Shore A

Dimensions (mm) : 377,20 x 377,20 (7 tiles = 1m²)

Fire classification : Efl-S1

Weight : 2,63kg/m2

Thermal resistance : -20ºC / +60ºC

Resistant to UV
: Yes

Slip resistance : Yes

Pack size / box m² :

  • Box of 7 tiles = 1m²
  • Box of 35 tiles = 5m²


You want to give a second youth to your outside? Want originality to attract the attention of your customers?

Our Module Terrace tile is the ideal renovation solution for your outdoor living spaces. It is very easy to install with its interlocking system. It does not require any special technical knowledge, since Module Terrace can be installed over all hard surfaces without the need to soften irregularities.

The tiles drains rainwater and allows the soil to breathe. While avoiding the formation of puddles. The density of their surface gives them a high load resistance of 85kg / cm² ! No special maintenance is necessary and the floor is cleaned with a conventional mop.

The surface of the tile is treated to resist to UV and avoid color shading of the product. The material does not absorb moisture and therefore will not suffer distortion during sudden changes in temperature. It is the ideal flooring to renovate a terrace, a balcony but also a swimming pool outline. It is possible to equip the perimeter of the installation with borders and finishing angles, which makes it possible to create a gentle slope with the original support and thus delimits the zone harmoniously.

Module Terrace Color Chart :

  • Delivery within 15 business days for Western Europe
  • Ramps and angles available for all colors

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