Module Solid – Paving tiles

All-terrain paving slabs in HDPE

Thickness : 60 mm

Dimensions (mm) : 500 x 500  (4 tiles = 1m²)

Fire resistance : Efl-S1

Weight: 8,35kg/tile

Thermal resistance: -30ºC / +60ºC

Resistant to UV:

Slip resistance : Yes

Warranty : 20 years

Module Solid X60mm : created with 100% recycled plastic films.


Do you want to carry out work while protecting your existing surface? Or build an outdoor ultra-resistant floor for an event as quickly as possible while ensuring good accessibility for people with limited mobility?

Our paving stones Module Solid X60mm allow an easy circulation of the persons in situation of handicap. In France, according to the article 9 of the decree of April 20, 2017, it is admitted that a width of 70cm is necessary for the passage of a wheelchair: it will be enough to assemble 2 slabs Module Solid X60 to obtain a width of 1m. It is the ideal construction solution to create an outdoor floor, temporary or permanent, which ensures the mobility of all. This flooring is also designed to withstand heavy loads such as truck or car traffic. As you can see, they can also be used for storage, warehousing and parking areas.

Module Solid X60 tiles are quick and easy to install on soft surfaces such as sand, grass or soil. They are weather, salt and acid resistant. This makes the tiles particularly suitable for outdoor use. This strong and flexible covering system protects the floor with a high durability.

If necessary, you can cut the tiles to size with a simple jigsaw to create flexible shapes and corner solutions.

Module Solid X60mm is a floor created 100% with Recycled plastic films.


Flooring that allows better accessibility for people with reduced mobility
Robust floor that can be installed on all types of outdoor surfaces, including sand, soil, grass and ice.
It can withstand very heavy loads, trucks, machines and cars.
Module Solid X60mm is easy to install and move.


Warehouses and tents.
Outdoor events and concert halls.
Temporary parking lots
Temporary roads that also allow for the movement of handicapped people or heavy vehicles.
As a subfloor for sports arenas.
Protection of existing surfaces.
Events on ice, sand or grass.

Color chart Solid Module X60mm :

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Module solid X60mm- Gris

Module solid X60mm – Gris / Grey

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