Ergo Seats

Physical Properties :
Fluidity index (230; 2,16 kg): ISO1133 – 3,5 g / 10 min Density: ISO1183 – 0.905 g / cm3

Mechanical Properties :

  • Elasticity Modules: ISO 178 – 1200 Mpa
  • Izod Impact Testing (avec notch, 23 ° C): ISO 178, 18 kJ / m2
  • Izod Impact Testing (avec notch, -20 ° C): ISO 178, 60 kJ / m2

Thermal Properties: : ISO 306 – 140 ° C

Others : Shore hardness : ISO 868 – 65 scale D


Designed in accordance with FIFA / UEFA guidelines, the Ergo seat is one of the best solution on the market to combine safety and comfort on sports sites. In addition to being strong and reliable, it has an innovative and ergonomic design. It adapts to the needs of fans, because of its comfort, and also to the needs of clubs because it is a real anti-vandalism seat. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

The great innovation in the world of sports seats lies in the 5 points of attachment of ERGO. It is an effective partner for the fight against vandalism and a certain economic advantage for owners.